Global Shale Gas Study

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International oil companies (IOCs), national oil companies (NOCs) and independents are investigating the potential of deposits across the globe. Keys to prospectivity include the kerogen type, thermal maturity, thickness and drilling depth of each shale. The most prominent shales in each region are detailed in this comprehensive new study by Hart Energy.

This report provides:

  • An assessment of 165 shale plays in all regions of the world, highlighting geological aspects and key properties of each play
  • Current activities in each region/play, key market drivers, infrastructure, fiscal terms and challenges to commercial development
  • How to evaluate a shale gas play
  • Development considerations – well decline patterns, cost control techniques and economics under varying gas prices, development costs and fiscal terms

Key Benefits

  • Understand necessary characteristics for a viable shale-gas play
  • Learn to evaluate shale-gas plays
    • Data requirements
    • Analytical methodologies
  • Get more accurate predictions of shale-gas well production rates, and of ultimate recovery with power law decline curves
  • Identify the next "hot" shale-gas plays likely to emerge and why
  • Find out which inactive shale-gas plays exist and offer potential
  • Evaluate where shale-gas can and cannot compete with conventional gas
  • Assess the key challenges in each country/region – fiscal terms, infrastructure and logistical issues
  • Understand what is necessary to develop an economic play
    • Effect of costs, technology and gas prices
    • Effect of different fiscal terms and contract structures

Report scope and overview

  • Characteristics of shale-gas reservoirs
  • Data requirements and evaluation techniques
  • Shale-gas development considerations – lessons from North America
    • – Technologies, costs and efficiencies
    • – Decline patterns
    • – Economics and sensitivities to price, costs and fiscal terms
  • Description of 160+ potential shale gas plays across 5 continents
  • Basin geology and shale properties as known today
  • Current/planned shale-gas activities
  • Assessment of shale-gas prospects by country:
    • Gas market, availability of other sources
    • Fiscal terms, infrastructure, policy…

Who should read the report

  • E&P Operators (IOCs, NOCs, Independents)
  • Service Companies
  • Equipment / Technology Providers
  • Investors and Capital Providers
  • Governments
  • Gas Companies and LNG Producers
  • Utilities

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